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Michele Melio, founder and sole proprietor of Easy to Be Green Consulting, has worked as an environmental educator for 9 years, organic farmer for 11 years and Zero Waste consultant, project manager and event planner for 7 years. Her experience includes technical writer of Cow Power for the State of Colorado, Green Living Examiner (citizen journalist) 3 years, volunteer for U.S. Green Building Council for educational events (1 year), solar technician certification through Adams County Workforce, volunteer in the Energy Smart program with Boulder County in promoting energy efficiency programs and managed an EPA grant for Eco-Cycle to make the Town of Lyons the first Green Star Town.

She grew up on a farm in Central California during severe drought. Her family raised all their own food with cattle, chickens, sheep and grew produce including fruit trees. Her experience includes working with livestock, small animal and even exotic invertebrate animals through the Butterfly Pavilion, including volunteering for a couple of years with a variety of wildlife rehabilitators in Colorado and California working with mammals and a wide variety of bird species.

She has worked on three small farms and community gardens on the Front Range, uses permaculture methods and is currently managing gardens at Colorado Wise Acres. She is also a native plant master and an educator in the public and private sector since 1998. Her experience includes teaching PreK-adult, outdoor education and curriculum development.

Expert in Zero Waste, which includes organizing and managing projects and events for large groups for over 10 years. Michele also has experience in sales and marketing for a number of corporations and for Eco-Cycle.

She was the Green Star Schools Project Manager for Eco-Cycle, where she managed 50 Green Star Schools and staff for almost 8 years.

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